Take a glance of dp mover booklet, your rights when you move in California, the obligation applies to all license mover and a guarantee that our truck will make it to your new home.

Make sure, the moving truck has a puc-license number seal at the door.

Make sure you know the physical business addresses of your mover.

Make your move simple.

Make sure to separate your car keys, purses, and checks and all your immediate needs.

If the movers don’t know you’re family, having members on your boxes, and numbering the rooms of your new home, will make it easy locating your items.

Use tape bottom and on top, to secure all your boxes.

Recommend to place heavy items in small boxes, books, files, dishes, etc.

To many loose items, will increase time consumption, and might affect the cost of moving.

Please notify your neighbors if you think the moving truck will be an obstacle for their normal routine.

Make a check list, cable, satellite, new connection, gas, etc.

Do not stress when moving, we will help you coordinating the event.